Off position stop method
In case with the uninterrupted power system, it is recommended to stop at the OFF position set by tripping mechanism for the stable power. Instantaneous transfer without stop can be also performed by operating signal. A ⇒ Off ⇒ B, B ⇒ Off ⇒ A, and A ⇒ Off ⇒ A, B ⇒ Off ⇒ B And also, instantaneous transfer can be performed by operating signal. A ⇒ B, B ⇒ A
One-Coil Application
One-coil is employed for the transfer to normal power source and emergency power source.
Compact & Lightweight Design
Compact & Lightweight Design makes the minimized mounting space and convenient installation.
Excellent Breaking Capacity
Designed for suffciently large chamber to extinguish the arc when transferred. Arc-extinguishing area is designed for convenient inspection and maintenance.
Protection against the remaining power source
Time delay to transfer is available so that the remaining power can not be induced to the main power to protect the load.
Last Break, 1st make Neutral contact
Last Break, 1st make Neutral contact to reduce nuisance tripping in th ground fault protection system. IEEE 242 (Clause 7.5.5)
Construction for Safety
For safe operation, molded construction is employed on breaking parts. And also, latching indicator is prepared to indicate the operating condition.