◆ About CTTS

- In general ATS, momentary power failure occurs when switching between Normal Power and Emergency Power. The expensive computer and medical equipment connected to the load will be turned off due to power failure.

- CTTS is an automatic changeover switch that can be switched uninterrupted to [Normal Power → Emergency Power] or [Emergency Power → Normal Power] at the time of power demand control (peak control) of Normal Power or during a power failure.

- The use of CTTS is required where there is a great expectation of huge economic losses and impacts in the case of power outages such as hospitals, banks, computer centers, airports, security centers, and plant facilities.

◆ Uses of CTTS
Prevention of A-Power
Uninterruptible transfer after generator start before scheduled power failure time.
In case of a momentary power failure due to abnormal weather
Uninterrupted transfer after generator start.
When power peak control
Uninterruptible transfer after generator start before peak time.
When A-Power is restored and re-transferred from the generator to A-Power
Uninterrupted transfer.
Load operation test of equipment such as generator
Uninterrupted transfer.
◆ CTTS Operating Conditions

- CTTS is an uninterruptible switching method that switches between the two power sources at the same time when A-power sources and B-power sources are used.

- The synchronous condition is a switch system that switches between uninterrupted parallel operation (within 100 ms) and uninterrupted transfer when the phase voltage difference of both power sources is less than 10 V, the frequency difference is less than 1.0 ㎐, and the phase synchronization angle is less than 5 degrees. Can be protected.

- A controller of the switch for precise synchronous calculation by the microprocessor is needed for overlap switching between the commercial power supply and the standby power supply.

- The other power supply should be opened within 0.1 second (100ms) after switching the load from one power source to another power source by overlapping both power sources with correct synchronization.

◆ Switching Method of CTTS