Direct transfer method
A=>B, B=>A
One-coil mechanism
One-coil mechanism is applied
Excellent Breaking Capacity
Designed forsuffciently large chamber to extinguish the arc when transferred. Arc-extinguishing area is designed for convenient inspection and maintenance.
Transfer indicator provided
Transfer indicator is fitted to indicate the transfer status.
Perfect transfer mechanism
By spring transfer mechanism, ATS can be completely and perfectly transferred. There will be no unattached position in any case.
Mechanically Interlock
Electrically held and mechanically interlock to prevent parallel two live source.
Protection against the remaining power source
Mechanical protection against the contact confliction caused by remaining power source of input and load side.
Last Break, 1st make Neutral contact
Last Break, 1st make Neutral contact to reduce nuisance tripping in th ground fault protection system. IEEE 242 (Clause 7.5.5)
Construction for Safety
For safe operation, molded constructionn is employed on breaking parts.
Compact & Lightweight design
Compact & lightweight design maked the minimized mounting space eand convenient installation