◆ Automatic transfer switch with breaking capacity

O-Sung’s ATCB is a product made by collecting only the advantages of ACB and ATS. It mechanically and electrically applies an interlock, has a highly reliable transfer motion, has a faster transfer time than existing ATS, is capable of adjusting the transfer time, and it can be used by customers in places (communication rooms, computer rooms, hospitals, pumping stations, office buildings, etc.) where the stable supply of electric power is required. It has excellent in blocking performance because it is also equipped with an ACB function, and it is a product that can protect the power system even in case of the occurrence of various fault currents such as detection of overcurrent and ground fault current.

A single structure for preventing mismatch in ACB and ATS mutual operation
The effect of the reduced number of switchboard installation surfaces because the separate installment of the Tie ACB board is not required
A small switchboard (which saved 50% of space), resulting in cost savings
The complete protection of the load facility with an electrical and mechanical interlock structure-Motor spring charging type
Motor spring charging type
Available in fixed type and withdrawal type
Both powers are of the neutral position, which can be turned OFF
Displays the current in use using digital liquid crystal with a bar graph comparing three phase currents and easy detection of overcurrent / ground fault current
◆ Application method
◆ Certification