Automatic transfer circuit breaker

ATCB is incorporated with the advantage of both ACB and ATS. Comparing to existing Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Single mechanism of ATCB is functioned to provide Trip position and withstand Icu (Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking current) and break Icw (Rated short-time withstand current). With an optional Protection Relay of MDTR- , ATCB functions for OCR (LTD, STD & Instantaneous), GR and Pre-Alarm. Operating and overload current can be displayed by digital display of MDTR- .

- Simultaneous closing to both power sources is prevented by interlocking with single mechanism.
- Both power sources can be off by neutral position.
- Fixed or drawout type available
- Compact size enables the space saving of switchgear (50% saving) and cost saving.
- Number of switchgear can be reduced without the tie ACB panel.
- By-pass application is available as option.
- Compact size enables the space saving of switchgear (50% saving) and cost saving.
- OCR, GR and Pre-Alarm can functioned with an optional MDTR- . Operating and overload current can be displayed by MDTR- .

External view and configuration
Conventional (2ACBs with interlocking) ATCB (Single Mechanism)
- This application is constructed by independent mechanism. If interlocking will be failed by malfunction, Simultaneous closing can be occurred by both power sources.
- Complicated mechanism may cause the malfunction.
- Electric type interlocking.
- Interlocking with single mechanism prevents from simultaneous closing by both power sources.
- Load can be completely protected by electric and mechanical interlocking.
- Compact size saves the installation space.
- Busbar connection is simple.

Compactness of Switchgear (50% space saving + Busbar saving)

Rated specification


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ATS Controller Manual : ACD-A l ACD-S l ACD-NA l ACD-NS l ACD-III l CTTS-801
ATS Catalogue : ATS-1610

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