06. New Excellent Transport Technology Certification (3rd RAIL)
06. Awarded the Grand Prize at contest for Quality Control in a Field


12. Certified by KEPCO Trusted Partner (2014-KTP-008)
06. Certified by PRODUCT-SPECIFIC APPROVED EXPORTER (010-14-200194)


10. NEP (New Excellent Product) Certification : Automatic Transfer Circuit Breaker (2,000A, 42 kA, 60Hz, 1s or less)


09. Awarded honor of The Ministry of Knowledge Economy
09. Awarded honor of Small and Medium Business Administration


04. NET (New Excellent Technology) Certification : Automatic Transfer Circuit
04. CE certified for 2000A~3200A 3P, 4P 600V 65kA Air Circuit Breaker


10. V-Check MARK Certificate for Automatic Transfer Circuit Breaker (KESCO)
06. Awarded Certificate of Environment Management System (KS I ISO 14001:2009 / ISO 14001:2004)
02. Certifed by Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC) for ACB for 2000A~3200A ACB.


12. Certified by Chinese Compulsory Certification (CCC) for ACB for 630~1600A ACB.


11. CE Marked for 630A~1600A ACB by TUV.
08. CB Test Certified by KTL for ACB with electronic overcurrent protection.


05. CE Marked for 200A ATS by TUV.


05. Certified by Taiwan Power Corporation. (TPC)
02. ASTA certified for 1600A, 3200A & 5000A 65kA Air Circuit Breaker.


04. ASTA certified for 2000A, 50kA Air Circuit Breaker.
02. Awarded Certificate of Quality system by Korea Management Association
  Quality Assurance. (KSA9001:1998, ISO9001:1994)


11. Awarded Certificate of Quality system by Korean Standards Association
  and Energy(MOCIE).


11. Awarded the Presidential Prize at contest for Quality Control.
01. Authenticated of "Quality product" for Automatic Transfer Switch by the
  Office of Industrial Advancement Administration.


03. Nominated as "Technology Intensive Enterprises" by the Ministry of
  Commerce & Industry.
02. Awarded honor of KOEMA for products development.


08. Incorporated as O-Sung Electric Machinery Co., LTD.


10. Become member of Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association. (KOEMA)


12. Established O-Sung Industrial.

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